It was very nice of Rebecca-Jayne, owner of the blog Detrimentally Disgruntled, to recommend Typewriter Poetry for a Versatile Blogger Award. And Antonio, owner of the art blog Scratch & Color, nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks to both of you!

In tune with the tradition, here are seven reveals about me personally, as well as a few other blogs I’d like to nominate…

1.) My goal in life is to become a traveling shaman.

2.) I work as a freelance video editor, graphic artist, photographer, and camerawoman.

3.) I’m a vegetarian.

4.) The tv show “Maury” will always be fascinating to me.

5.) The main reason I use Amazon is because of its WishList function.

6.) I was raped a few days after graduating university. A year later, I decided to buy a typewriter and write free poems for people in order to break out of a stagnant and depressing hold. If you are still reading this (and I thank you if you are), please check out this fantastic comic strip that deals with issues of consent: “Sex Talk.” And please remember, anything other than an enthusiastic ‘yes’ automatically means ‘no.’

7.) I’m about 1/3 done with my first novel, “The Natives,” which is about two underage outlaws in love.

Here are a few blogs I am nominating:

– Tammy’s blog, agrigirl
– Benjamin’s blog, bennyhanna
– Rebecca-Jayne’s blog, detrimentallydisgruntled
– Antonio’s blog, occultoantonio
– Jane’s blog, The Poetry Place
– Tricia’s blogs, PhotoPoetics and Survivor’s Guide