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Oops! Should have mentioned this a while ago.

All poems will be hosted on instead of this free WordPress blog. Would appreciate if you migrate on over to the new site–you can also subscribe if you’d like (look to the right-hand side of the page), so new posts show up in your reader or email :)



Today I was typing here at a coffee shop in Haleiwa, HI. John took a few of these pictures as I typed a poem for him.

As I was digging through my files, I found this little orphaned poem. I think the prompt was about “snowy owls.”

She was snowy. That's what I remember. like the frost on childhood cereal--Mini Wheats or something close. billimarie july 21st 2011

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It was very nice of Rebecca-Jayne, owner of the blog Detrimentally Disgruntled, to recommend Typewriter Poetry for a Versatile Blogger Award. And Antonio, owner of the art blog Scratch & Color, nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks to both of you!

In tune with the tradition, here are seven reveals about me personally, as well as a few other blogs I’d like to nominate…

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Howdy all. For some reason, I’ve been getting a lot of hits for this blog. Hooray! I’m glad you like it.

I just wanted to update everyone to why I’m currently not pounding out any poems on my typewriter.

I’ve been working on my novel. I plan to finish a rough draft by the end of November. Using NaNoWriMo as my carrot and stick to help keep my deadlines organized, find friends, get inspiration, etc.

Are you writing a novel this November? Feel free to add me, or check out my writing blog. You can also send me a poetry prompt (don’t forget your name, if you don’t want it to be anonymous). Until then, I’ll see you in December :)