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Now that I’m back home, I can upload the rest of the couples series I wrote for National Poetry Month. I’m not sure if I should continue taking pictures of the poems, or just scan them into the computer. Which image style do you think is best? Here’s an example of a scanned poem, and here’s an example of a photographed poem. Would love your opinions! Thanks :)

Anyway, here’s couple #11–

"Couple #11"  this ain't sand we're stepping on, but pebbles polished stone, our bodies warmed by fires inside  thank you, vodka and pineapples  we hold hands on the brim of perlite sea foam and obsidian waters absorbing the glare from adhd stars  let's reset our dna. mix-match molecules, redo chromosomes. let's fall asleep like brothers do-- slip off your trunks and sink into the warmth with me  - billimarie

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here is a poem for the prompt “curio”

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prompt: “Chocolate Milk :0)”

It’s kind of funny that this one is a little sad, seeing as the prompt was from my childhood best friend…a friendship I have happy memories of

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I don’t think anyone has requested a poem about sex until now…which I find kind of surprising!

The awesome Typewriter Poetry supporter, Charlene, wrote me yet another poem on the spot and requested I write a poem on the same subject. Here is the sister poem to her poem (“Sex”).

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prompt: “being too young to have a midlife crisis, but finding yourself in one anyway”

prompt: “can you write me a disturbing erotic poem about a sock drawer?”

prompt: “A poem about nostalgia’s influence on the taste and feeling of memory (yes taste!)”

prompt: “a poem about the butterflies of new beginnings”

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prompt: “acrostic poems about web design.”