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One of my favorite days of the year…and so close to my birthday :)

Which poem is in your pocket today? Feel free to snap a picture and post it in the comments!


I keep the same exact poem in my pocket every single year. It is one of my favorite poems, mainly because the memory of first reading it is still fresh in my mind…

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Today I was typing here at a coffee shop in Haleiwa, HI. John took a few of these pictures as I typed a poem for him.

This poem was made for Liz, who requested “trees.” She was kind enough to post the picture to the Typewriter Poetry Facebook page.

I really love how the frame is perfect for this poem! It makes me happy knowing that some of these poems are being sent off to nice homes :)

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Cindy emailed me the poem I typed this for her at the Canoga Park Art Walk this past week.

I think it is amazing how the photograph mirrors the actual poem.

Below, you can find the text version of the poem, if you can’t read the picture. Part of me really wants to reorganize these line breaks, but I guess you will just have to wait and purchase the “Typewriter Poetry” collection once I finish editing it :)

prompt: “winter kisses”

Most people can’t stand the cold. But we
move in circles around each other,
unafraid of chilled, winter kisses
and dark blue skies made of ice.
We wrap our bodies close
like raincoats ready to conquer the world.

Charlene also wrote me a poem last night at the Canoga Park Art Walk. I almost cried !

At the Canoga Park Art Walk yesterday, Nevez wrote me a poem in exchange for his poem:

I wrote this poem for Debbie, who was stationed next to me at the Canoga Park Art Walk last night. It’s about her dog, Gypsy, who has cancer. If you would like to donate to Gypsy’s cause, please visit their tumblr.

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Sahar sent me this picture of the poem I typed for her at the Canoga Park Art Walk. We talked about the color orange and carrots and art :)

prompt: “why do we call oranges oranges and carrots, not?”

(You can submit a poetry prompt here)

April is National Poetry Month–for those of us who didn’t know! In past years, I celebrated by writing a poem a day for all of April…which is always a challenge.

This year, I’ll be reading various poets and editing, revising, reorganizing my own poetry. I re-wrote three poems yesterday, two from Typewriter Poetry: “Of My Lover The Sea” (now called “Of Her Lover The Sea”) as well as “Dinosaurs!” So thank you for the prompts, they truly are inspiring, and keep them coming! I’ll try to find room in between Script Frenzy and putting together my chapbook by the end of April to typewrite your poems.

To see various ways of celebrating poetry, check out this link.

prompt: “can you write me a disturbing erotic poem about a sock drawer?”