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One of my favorite days of the year…and so close to my birthday :)

Which poem is in your pocket today? Feel free to snap a picture and post it in the comments!


I keep the same exact poem in my pocket every single year. It is one of my favorite poems, mainly because the memory of first reading it is still fresh in my mind…

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The Canoga Park Art Walk ended with a bag. Cheers to the 11:11 crew for putting together such a spectacular repeat event.

I typed approximately 40 poems last night. A bunch of those are orphaned, so if you didn’t get a chance to get your poem, you can see it on the blog in the coming week. I’ll be posting a new poem each day, so keep checking in to see if your poem made the cut !

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This will be the last Art Walk in Canoga Park for the year.

Be sure to stop by and find me & my typewriter. I’ll have a special surprise for anyone kind enough to donate!

This Thursday ~ September 15th ~ 6pm ~ Sherman Way & Owensmouth

Yes, you read right. I’ll be bringing my typewriter as well as my lawn-chair, cardboard sign, paper, and thinking/feeling hat to the playa this year.

I’ll be sitting by my tent, which will be at the Safer Sex Camp near 5:30 & B(irthday). Come say hello and get a poem !

Charlene also wrote me a poem last night at the Canoga Park Art Walk. I almost cried !

At the Canoga Park Art Walk yesterday, Nevez wrote me a poem in exchange for his poem:

Tonight was another art walk at Canoga Park here in the Valley. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, giving me a prompt…I hope you enjoyed your poems !

special hello to old friends (I saw so many of you :D) and new

I’ll be posting the orphaned poems, tomorrow. If you’d like your poem on the blog, please send me a picture or a scanned image of the poem I typed for you :)

billimarie.r (atgmaildotcom)


and it was spectacular! Thanks to everyone who stopped by…I hope you went home with your poem tucked away in the warmth of your pocket where it can radiate goodness to the rest of the world

A few people forgot to pick their poems up :( I’m going to scan them in and post them here.

If I wrote you a poem and you would like to put it up on the blog, please send me an email that contains a picture/jpeg/scan/etc. and I will post it as soon as possible :) Oh! if you have any photographs of us or me or the typewriter that would be nice to have, too. thank you!

billimarie.r (at) gmail (dotcom)

(You can also tag the picture of your poem on Facebook with Typewriter Poetry)

Long weekend…completely forgot to update everyone! As the @typewritepoetry twitter says…no new posts until later this weekend. I had the pros at US Office Machine take a look at my Royal. Turns out my carriage is spaced out a bit too far from the keys; it’ll take approx. a week to tear down and build up my machine again :( But after that, I’ll immediately get back to your submissions ! Just wanted to throw it out there since I kind of have a backlog of poetry prompts :)

Have a great week everyone!