I have a strange desire to reinsert poetry into the public discourse and setting. Inspired by things like the Poem Store*, I plan on engaging in both a digital and physical space with friends, family, and strangers, asking for a poetry prompt. Once I receive a prompt, I wait for it to inspire me; sometimes it takes a minute, other times a day. Once I have a concept, I type your poem–and it is your poem, as much as it is mine–then post it on the blog. If you want the original hardcopy, simply send me a message or letter.

All of the poems are first drafts. I think that is the hardest part about this project; being comfortable showing people an extremely vulnerable and self-conscious process. We only see the result of hard work and labor when people publish their work. In order for poetry to reach the public, I feel as though we have to drop that point in time and recognize that humans, in general, respond in amazing ways to honest, raw, and flawed situations.

Feel free to browse the typewritten poems based on various prompts by friends and strangers. Click each picture on the post to enlarge the view!

For more about me and my projects, please visit my website. [ link ]

(I’m also working on a documentary about bras, which you might find interesting. Here is the bare-bones website, for anyone out there who is interested in such a project. [ Let’s Talk About Bras – the L-TAB Project ]

*There is no fee required for a poem–I am of the radical belief that art, resources, and entertainment can and should be without monetary value–so submit today! [ link ]

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