Once, somewhere far away, an itinerant healer cured a boy of his ennui.

“What a fool I was to have forgotten myself!” The youth exclaimed.

“Forgotten your self?” The old healer laughed. “My child, you did not forget your self, nor have you found your self again now; you forgot the art of engaging with music and poetry; you forgot to build comfort into your life to enable quiet, whole-hearted exploration and, forever craving the ease you lacked, dulled your pain with consumption; you forgot your true friends and hid from their joy amongst the activities of lesser men; you did all of these things and more, but never did you forget your self — in fact, you were burrowed quite deep within your self when I found you. You were pinching at healthy body fat and tugging at your hair enough to make it fall out; you asked about incessantly for…

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