prompt: “a poem about the butterflies of new beginnings”

“Butterflies of New Beginnings”

Crawling is a slow path
unto greatness, proceeding only intuition
the mother of cosmic beauty.

How fitting that we rise and fall
out of moondust and starshine,
as if life–full and restless with purpose–
had foreseen our self-inflicted limitations.

In a dream, a voice absent of body sung:
“Why do you doubt
when the possibilities of this world
and the next
are infinite?”

Then countless threads spiraled around me.
I watched as it weaved soft, sparkle bonds of light
(perpetual day and night) and enveloped me whole.

Instead of suffocation,
I found peace in tangled choice.
Flying in uncharted winds, the shell we build
around ourselves that offer no protection, broke–

so join me in the celestial migration
and glide toward unfiltered heavens
with a butterfly’s grace: light,
but not without burden.

– billimarie